Player information and rating graph for the last 12 months

New MGS Player Ratings
Marni Pretorius 791
Quintin Pieters 622
Top MGS movers in March
(only registered players with more than 20 points)
Payal Morar +73 573
Marla de Jager +58 563
Malay Morar +57 673
Jason Simich +54 802
Richard Maseko +42 542
Mfundo Masiya +42 1744
Marli Wolmarans +37 588
Wynand Dreyer +35 909
Otto van Schalkwyk +35 842
Jyotikka Bhika +35 566
Juane van Zyl +34 976
Atharv Agre +33 598
Reagan Botha +28 765
Evan Malan +26 609
Jaden Minnaar +26 917
Tamryn Archer +25 832
Jasmyn Archer +24 524
Cabous Harmse +24 524
Sizo Xaba +20 520
Highest age group ratings
for April
(only registered players)
U 10
(M) Malay Morar 673
(F) Jyotikka Bhika 566
U 12
(M) Jan-Maarten van Schalkwyk 833
(F) Marla de Jager 563
U 14
(M) Carel Alberts 915
(F) Juane van Zyl 976
U 16
(M) Ntokozo Nkambule 1152
(F) Shraddha Agre 1025
U 18
(M) Themba Ndzantsi 1225
(F) Riekie Wolmarans 1384
U 20
(M) Tristan Schepers 641
(F) Kgabane Moloisane 980
(M) Chris Petersen 1373

for April of all registered MGS players can be viewed here.

2700chess.com for more details and full list


Breaking News

To enter a tournament go to the "Tournament Info" page avaialble on the menu at the top of this page.

Due to unforseen circumstances, the tournament scheduled for 11 March had to be cancelled. The tournament for 25 March is currently still scheduled.

The "Player Information and Rating" has been updated and it now displays all the Gert Sibande tournaments that players played in 2017 and 2016. The "Ranking Score" and the raking tournaments (tournaments that count towards ranking points for invitation tto the GS Closed) has also been added. This page can be accessed by clicking on the graph to the left.

A new page displaying the results of all Gert Sibande Tournaments is also being developed. The link to this page will be communicated when the page is avaialable.

The elections of the new Gert Sibande Executive Committee, scheduled for 18 February, did not take place. There were issues with the clubs that registered as members of the Gert Sibande Regional Council.

Clubs that want to register as member of the Gert Sibande Regional Council can still do so, but time is running out. To register, complete the Club registration form, and return it, together with a signed copy of the club Constitution, to the Gert Sibande secretary. A template of a club Constitution can be downloaded here. Clubs can change the Constitution to suit the club.

Only members of the Gert Sibande Regional Council are allowed to nominate a person to serve on the Executive Committee, and vote during an election or at a Regional Council meeting. See the Gert Sibande Constitution.

The election for a new Gert Siabnde Committee is scheduled for 6 May.

The link to the Gert Sibande Facebook page has been updated. Please visit our Facebook page by clicking on the facebook logo at the bottom of the page.

Age Groups for 2017
Year of Birth Age Group
1997 or Before Open
1998 & 1999 U 20
2000 & 2001 U 18
2002 & 2003 U 16
2004 & 2005 U 14
2006 & 2007 U 12
2008 & 2009 U 10
2010 & After U 8

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